Conference Themes
Conference Themes

Sensors and instrumentation systems

Online monitoring and control of 

  • water treatment and distribution systems
  • wastewater collection (sewer networks) and treatment systems
  • advanced water treatment systems for water recycling and reuse
  • river quality

Integrated control of

  • water production and distribution
  • wastewater treatment plant
  • sewers and wastewater treatment plants
  • sewer-shed and rivers
  • centralized and decentralized systems

Decision support systems

  • early warning
  • fault detection and diagnosis
  • fault-tolerant control
  • modelling and simulation for control and operation
  • information systems for operation and control
  • risk assessment

Digital water

  • Internet of Things (IoT), remote monitoring and control
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT) for water
  • big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence
  • smart water systems as a component of smart cities

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