Program SUNDAY 16 OCT


Sunday, 16 October 2022
Workshop Title Are you game? – Serious games to support future proof water systems
Session Chair Niels Nicolaï Luz Alejo
Session Description This workshop aims to bring together Young Water Professionals in a fun and stimulating way, to brainstorm on the potential of serious games applied to the water and wastewater industry. By providing a low-level introduction to the concept of serious gaming and gamification, we hope to be inclusive and attract participants with different backgrounds and levels of expertise. As part of the workshop participants will be activated to collaborate and look for creative and fun solutions.
Following this conference workshop we hope to stimulate the participants in thinking out-of-the-box by including game-like elements in their personal and professional lifes when it comes to organization, improve task ownership, team work, learning, training, etc.
This workshop will be organized with support from the IWA Instrumentation, Control and Automation Specialist Group.

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