Introduction to ICA
Introduction to ICA
The 13th IWA Conference on Instrumentation, Control and Automation aims to provide an international platform to exchange knowledges, methodologies, and experiences on all aspects of sensor technology, instrumentation, control and automation for water and wastewater treatment and transport systems. Specific topics will include sensors and instrumentation systems, online monitoring and control, modelling and simulation, early warning, information systems, decision support, risk assessment, big data, internet of things, smart water systems…

ICA is a technology often considered as an afterthought, but an area that is changing rapidly with the Internet of Everything (IOE) revolution. Installation and use in existing plants is a frequent challenge, despite being essential to a modern and sustainable water industry. Indeed, monitoring and control of the whole water cycle, including drinking water production and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, and water reuse is fundamental to maintain current living standard to accommodate increasing populations, while taking care to minimize negative impacts to the natural environment.

The first ICA conference dates back to 1973 in London and Paris. The most recent gatherings were in 2013 in Narbonne, France and in 2017 in Quebec City, Canada. ICA 2022 will bring the conference back to Asia and will be the first ICA conference in China. The ICA 2022 will be in October 2022 in Beijing, China organized by Tsinghua University and The University of Queensland.

History of the ICA conferences:
ICA 2017 (Quebec City, Canada)
ICA 2013 (Narbonne, France)
ICA 2009 (Cairns, Australia)
ICA 2005 (Busan, South-Korea)
ICA 2001 (Malmö, Sweden)
ICA 1997 (Brighton, UK)
ICA 1993 (Banff/Hamilton, Canada)

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